African Drums in Still

African Drums in Still

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In the African section of Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom park there is an area, across from the Tamu Tamu Refreshments stand, that contains many an drum pounding activity for the percussion curious explorer.

Amidst the various drums, of all shapes and sizes, you will find this wonderful stack arranged in a very specific/artistic way. What I found particularly appealing about these drums is that their composition forms a visually rhythmic and colorful still life that very much mimics the wonderfully rhythmic and colorful sound that permeates the area from all the drums.

Print Variants: 

  • 11x14 dual matted deluxe photo print for $35
  • 16x20 dual matted deluxe print for $60
  • 16x20 wrapped canvas for $75
  • 16x20 wrapped canvas framed for $120
  • 24x36 wrapped canvas for $120
  • 24x36 wrapped canvas framed for $150
  • 16x20 deluxe print on aluminum for $225
  • 24x36 deluxe print on aluminum for $300
  • 16x20 Acrylic Giclee for $325
  • 24x36 Acrylic Giclee for $400

*Please note...these are print on demand pieces so turn time is usually 5-7 business days + shipping time before you receive your piece. Thanks. :) 

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