The Artist


Hi! I'm John.

I'm glad you're here. Please hang out, explore the site and spend some time with my story and my work. It is my hope that both can be of service to you.

My adventure began in the late sixties in Carthage Mo (a small town in the southwest corner of the state) as an adopted son of a Funeral Director and a stay at home Mom. I grew up in a pretty typical white house, on a quiet street, with my miniature dachshund, Hugo, and 2 large trees in the front yard. 

I discovered a love for the arts at a very early age and spent many hours during my youth at my drawing board armed with my pencil, pens, markers, paper and imagination, I'd draw anything back in those days but my real love was found in recreating comic books and illustrating Star Wars portraits and environments. (For is a panel from my version of The Empire Strikes Back done in the summer of 1980).

I didn't appreciate it at the time but a deep passion for the art of creativity and storytelling was fostered in me during those years and it was during this formative period that I developed my life long passion for the visual arts.

it is a path has been a decades long and winding with many twists and turns. It has lead me from studio art in High School, to graphic design in college, through many projects in the constructs of my own free lance design firm for 12+ years and, ultimately, to where I am at right now...the creation of my own studio - Knell StudioWorks.  

My work has progressed and morphed during the years and I would describe my current creative muses as multi-faceted and media diverse. Sometimes I take photos of things. Sometimes I create and illustrate visually intricate collage art that illuminates with color and composition. Sometimes I write books and bloggy posts about my process. All are part of my evolving artistic journey. 

This website is my online studio, and encompassing representation, of everything that I am currently involved with, working on, or planning, dreaming and scheming about doing. It is a place for my art. It is a place for my photography. It's a place for my writing. It is also a place where I will share my process, inspirations and creative musings so you can be a special passenger on my creative journey as well.

My online store where you can purchase Knell StudioWorks prints and originals can be found here.

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Besides my artistic endeavors I am also married to my college sweetheart Maureen. We have two children, Hayden and Sloane, who have added more love and crazy fun adventures to our world than I ever thought possible. Music is my other passion and I play a serviceable bass guitar, and a decent rhythm guitar as well. Running is a great pastime for me and I love the freedom and solitude the comes with distance running where, amongst the miles, I have found my most creative inspirations and solutions. Rounding out our family is two dog:, Captain and Bailey,  two cats: Berkley and Stanley, and too many lightsabers to count. We all call Kansas City our home.